Ronald Reagan - The Bonzo Years


The Reagans return to the White House for the last time, with the President having spent a total of 458 of his terms in office in California. This equals a little over 8 weeks per year.

"We found that the independent counsel's report far from vindicates Mr. Meese; rather, it details conduct which should not be tolerated by any government employee, especially not the attorney general of the United States." - Justice Department report on the ethics of Ed Meese.

President George Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle are sworn into office. As the Reagans depart, the backwash of their helicopter blows the small blue "sailor" hat off Marilyn Quayle's head.


This information was originally collected and printed as part of the book "The Clothes Have No Emperor" by Paul Slansky, Fireside Books, published by Simon & Schuster. ISBN # is 0-671-67339-4. There are many more incidents in the book, but it may be out of print. Mr. Slansky deserves the praise of every American for keeping a fastidious record of the events of the 80's, a difficult task given the slanted coverage that seemed the standard at that time.

The clips listed on this site are not made up, they are not out of context, they are not distorted. They are historical fact. We now know that President Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease during the end of his term in office, and quite possibly earlier. Maybe much earlier. Yet, he was elected President of the United States twice, and would probably have been elected again if he had been allowed to run. God bless and protect America.

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