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The Boss..

Quote from a recent meeting: "We are going to continue having these
meetings, everyday, until I find out why no work is getting done".

Quote from the Boss... "I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was
going to blame it on you."

A motivational sign at work: The beatings will continue until morale

A direct quote from the Boss: "We passed over a lot of good
people to get the ones we hired."

My Boss frequently gets lost in thought. That's because it's
unfamiliar territory.

My Boss said to me " What you see as a glass ceiling, I see as a
protective barrier.

My Boss needs a surge protector. That way his mouth would be buffered
from surprise spikes in his brain.

I thought my Boss was a creep, and quit, to work for myself. My new
Boss is a creep, too ... but at least I respect him.

He's given automobile accident victims new hope for recovery. He
walks, talks and performs rudimentary tasks, all without the benefit
of a SPINE.

Some people climb the ladder of success. My Boss walked under it.

Quote from the Boss after overriding the decision of a task force he
created to find a solution: " I'm sorry if I ever gave you the impression
your input would have any effect on my decision for the outcome of this

HR Manager to job candidate "I see you've had no computer training.
Although that qualifies you for upper management, it means you're
under-qualified for our entry level positions."

Quote from telephone inquiry "We're only hiring one summer intern this
year and we won't start interviewing candidates for that position
until the Boss' daughter finishes her summer classes.

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