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vertically challenged -- short
horizontally gifted -- fat
horizontally challenged -- thin
chronologically gifted -- old
intellectually impaired -- stupid
living impaired -- dead
romantically challenged -- not with somebody at the moment
morally (/ethically) challenged -- a crook
morally handicapped -- someone who has no other reason to park in a handicapped zone
differently-brained -- stupid
folically independent -- bald
one who is PC -- target practice
musically delayed -- tone deaf
genetically discriminating -- racist
codependent -- finger-pointer
in recovery -- drunk/junkie
in denial -- unaware that forgetting something obviously proves it happened
constructivist feminist psychotherapy -- psychobabble
economically disadvantaged -- welfare bum
target equity group -- vocal minority
sanitation engineer -- garbage man
certified astrological consultant -- crackpot
certified crystal therapist -- crackpot
certified past-life regression hypnotist -- crackpot
people of height -- too tall
gravitationally challenged -- fat
chronologically gifted -- old
other aged -- too old/young (dual purpose)
environmentally correct human -- dead
Nitpicklike -- humor challenged
motivationally challenged -- lazy
outdoor urban dwellers -- homeless
monetarily challenged -- poor
facially challenged -- ugly
visually challenged -- blind
nasally gifted -- runny nose
verbally challenged -- mute, dumb
erectionally challenged -- impotent
maintenance hole -- man-hole
socially challenged -- geek, nerd, whatever...
Cyclically challenged -- having PMS
Caucasian Culturally-Disadvantaged -- white trash
racially challenged -- butt-white American
rhythmically challenged -- white boy
financially inept -- poor
osmotically challenged -- Thirsty
Microslothicly Challenged -- Windows user
aquatically challenged -- drowning
male gender biased -- prefers men who shave their chests
female gender biased -- prefers women who shave their legs
follower of Jimmy Swaggert -- lost
nasally disadvantaged -- really BIG nose
nasally gifted -- large nose
differently organized -- messy
energy-efficient -- off
creatively re-dyed -- stained
petroleum transfer technician -- gas station attendent
spacially perplexed -- drunk
amphibian American -- frog
persons of large stature -- NY Giants
bovine control officers -- Dallas Cowboys
residentially flexible -- homeless
fecally plenary - full of crap
uniquely coordinated -- clumsy
anatomically focused chronologically gifted individual -- dirty old man
uniquely fortuned individual on an alternative career path -- loser
biological needs care provider -- prostitute
metabolicly challenged -- dead
biologically challenged -- dead
person of region -- redneck
rustically inclined -- redneck
persons living with entropy -- dead
mechanically challenged -- broken down automobile
factually unencumbered -- ignorant

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