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An Old Wisconsin Farmer:

An old Wisconsin farmer was not feeling well, so his wife took him to the
doctor. The Dr. examined him and then asked to talk to the wife alone. The
doctor explained that the husband was quite ill and had almost lost his will
to live. In order to restore his will to live the wife must do the following:

  1. She had to get up before him and cook him a real good meal before waking him.
  2. She should take him coffee and freshly made pastries for his morning break.
  3. Have his lunch prepared when he arrived at noon. Always have home-made
    pie and fresh coffee for dessert.
  4. Insist that he take a nap in his hammock in the afternoon and not bother
    him with household problems.
  5. After a very nice dinner she would have to rub his back and fix him a
    nice highball before bedtime, and again not bother him with any problems
    about the house.

The doctor told the wife that if she would do all of these things the
husband would regain his will to live and be O.K.

On the trip home from the doctor's office the husband asked his wife what
the doctor had said. His wife said "the doctor said you are going to die!".

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