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A Priest's Parrots:

A priest owned two parrots who had learned the Rosary.
One parrot, gripping a quill firmly in its claw wrote
the Rosary in Carolingain minuscule, and when complete
the other parrot holding the rosary beads recited it word perfect.

The nuns from the nearby convent heard about the amazing
parrots and came to ask the priest if they might borrow the
birds to help teach the children in the school.

The priest was reluctant, suggesting that the nuns buy their own
bird. This they did, but the parrot was a disappointment.
The only words it ever said were "I'm a pretty girl"

In desperation the nuns appealed once more to the priest, who
finally agreed that the nun's parrot be placed in the same cage as
his own birds. This they did. The moment the parrot entered the
cage it screeched: "I'm a pretty girl".

One of the parrots in the cage responded immediately:
"Chuck the beads away Charlie, our prayers have been answered !!

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