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The Grandmother, Boyscout, Teacher,
And Smartest Man In the World

A Grandmother, Boyscout, Teacher, and the Smartest Man in the world were
on a plane. After a while, it was known that plane was failing and was about
to crash. There were only three parachutes, and four passengers. Being the
Smartest Man in the world, he took a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

The teacher, also being smart, thought to herself, 'teachers are needed in the
world to teach their knowledge to other.' So with that, she took a parachute
and jumped out the plane.

The Grandmother, being very wise, said to the boyscout, "I am old. I have
lived my life. You are still a young boy. Go, and take the last parachute."
But the Boyscout said, "No, it's okay. There are two parachutes left. The
Smartest Man in the world took my backpack."

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