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AT&T ConnectTech :
Excellent service, communication and professional skills! Customer satisfaction oriented. Went above and beyond expectations of the scope of work to satisfy customers needs. Thank you!

As always, best technician in the area. Great to work with.

Datamax Services Inc.:
Great Job! Very dependable Pro! Thank you for your services. Highly recommend! .

Park Place International:
Thank you, Excellent Work !! We look forward to future Work Orders.
Recommend Engineer.


Complete Technical Services

When you have a problem with your computer, it's no longer a minor inconvenience. Whether at work or at home, for better or worse our daily lives often require that we have a fully working computer system.

Whether it's a networking problem, a printer malfunction, a computer lock-up or software error, you don't have time to wait for service. You may not be able to bring your system to a "big box" store, and even if you do, repair times can be up to two weeks.

Not only that, but many "Geek" or "Nerd" repair services employ technicians who are only at the beginner stage. The pay is low, the benefits minimal, and the hours are long. The pressure to "upsell" to the customer results in unnecessary costs and lost data.

Professional help is available. It's faster, cheaper, and guaranteed,and It can usually be done AT YOUR LOCATION.

Please call or e-mail for more information.


Minneapolis (MN) - As a high-profile lawsuit against Best Buy's Geek Squad technical support service gets ready for court, a new employee confession has come through detailing one of the company's more questionable policies.
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NEVER buy a Staples Warranty via Easy Tech Force
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Facebook CAPTCHA no match for spyware attack:
Hackers have found a way to create automated Facebook pages and are using them to spread spyware to unsuspecting users.
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Russell Alexander
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Residential Customers:
On site visit - $75 (first hour) within 20 miles
of 11717 zip code .


Business Customers:
On site vist - $85 (first hour) within 20 miles
of 11717 zip code .